Monday, June 19, 2017

Great Food At 638 Veerasamy Road

This place is one of my friend, Richard favourite's food hangout place. It is located at Blk 638 Veerasamy road

This time round, we came together with his friend, Andrew as well as Andrew's dad (Richard and I address him as Uncle).

As usual, one of the favourite dish which Richard and myself ❤️ is frog's legs cooked with spicy sauce in a claypot. However, Andrew does not like frog's leg as he don't think that frog's legs taste a bit like chicken meat.

He mentioned that he could taste the difference between them when I challenged him that if we were to debone the frog's legs and fried it, he wouldn't be able to tell the difference.


From the same stall not only we ordered frog's legs, we also ordered pork's liver and fried eggs mixed with prawns.

For the pork livers, I only get to taste the sauce (which I poured it into my rice) as personally I don't like to eat internal organs especially pork's liver.

As for the fried eggs mixed with prawn, it taste nice especially when you dip it into some chilli sauce (ultimately I'm a spice boy which some of you might know as I really ❤️ spicy stuffs)

We also ordered minced pork porridge that comes along with egg for Andrew and minced pork porridge with preserved egg for his dad. 

As I'm not really a porridge person, I didn't get to try the porridge. However, Uncle did mentioned that the porridge was tasty. Maybe I should try it next time round? Especially if its on a raining day, I would ❤️ to have something hot on a cool weather!

Lastly, while waiting for the "main course" to come, we ordered some finger food (fried chicken wings!!!) from the stall as shown in the picture above the chicken wings.

We ordered 3 chicken wings which cost only $3.60 (one for $1.20).

Not only its cheaper than the IKEA's one, but definitely tastier too.

And of course, remember to go along with the chilli sauce!

While eating, not only we talked about Grabbing and Ubering in Singapore as well as how these disruptors affect other countries. We also talked about real estate investments etc.

It was really a great nice afternoon makan session!

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