Monday, June 12, 2017

The Taste of One-Michelin Starred Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken

I have always wanted to taste this $2 chicken rice by this hawker name, Chan Hon Meng. He is one of the first street hawker to be awarded Michelin one star in the guide's history. In fact, it had becomes the world's cheapest Michelin-Starred meal as it's chicken rice was only selling for $2 at Chinatown Food Complex.

As my dad used to be a hawker when he was still around, I had tasted all kinds of street hawker food and personally I feel that some hawker food are really much better than the restaurant one. Especially my dad's Char Kway Teow. Till now, I yet to taste any Char Kway Teow better than his!

This place is located at 18 Tai Seng (If you are driving, you can park for FREE during the above mentioned timing), the restaurant is usually super crowded during lunch time. However this time round as we there there around 10:55am (it opens at 11am), we were one of the first among the queue. Imagine people already start queuing even before it's open!

Therefore, after going for a toilet break I was looking at the menu thinking about what to eat for my early lunch.

Guess what I have chosen?

Yap! The famous $2 chicken rice. But it is selling for $3.80 in this restaurant.

But who cares? I do not want to queue for 2-3 hours just to have a taste of the $2 chicken rice!

I ordered a place of chicken rice and a cup of aloe vera jelly (a dessert for my after meal). The soya sauce chicken definitely taste nicer than most of the same one in the hawker out there. The chilli goes well with the chicken too. The sauce on the rice are also full of fragrant. Just that the rice taste bit soggy (maybe it's hong kong style?)

Aloe vera jelly which cost $2 wasn't really up to my expectation. Probably its not sweet enough and jelly was not soft enough.

Overall, I wouldn't mind to come back and try their food again. But, probably I will try their Char Siew Noodle which cost around $5.

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