Thursday, October 19, 2017

KFC hot and cheesy chicken

I have been wanting to try KFC hot and cheesy meal for quite some times.

Just nice, this afternoon (19 July 2017) I happened to stop by at Boon Keng road and saw a KFC outlet. So, I decided to go in and try it out.

Well, the KFC hot and cheesy chicken wasn’t as tasty as I thought. It comes together with the cheese sauce.

If you are a cheese lover, probably you will love it as it contain a very strong cheesy smell.
And if you are a spice boy or girl, you probably will love it too as it is quite spicy.

Overall, I would probably give it a 4 out of 5 ratings.

Have you tried it yet? Do let me know how you find the taste of this spicy cheesy chicken.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Roasted Delight at Everton Road

Most of the time, in the morning, around 1000 -1100 hours, I will be "stucked" in the CBD area after my "last" ubering.

So usually I will look for the nearest kopitiam for my early lunch or brunch.

One of the place I will usually go is the kopitiam at everton road.

As I do not want to pay too much for the gantry fee, usually I will eat at a fast moderate pace and then da-bao my kopi O in a cup or inside my own bottle.

Personally for me, I would prefer fried dumpling than a boiled one. However, as this stall doesn't sell fried dumpling noodle, i decided to go for the boiled dumpling noodle.

My first try for this noodle is good, not only the sauce for the noodles taste nice, the dumpling also suit my taste.

However about you? What are your favourite food at Everton Road?

Where would you usually eat after your last ubering? Or what food do you prefer around that area?