Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CIEL PATISSERIE @ 146 Jalan Bukit Merah

Today after lunch, we intentionally did not order any drinks as we decided to go to this place known as CIEL PATISSERIE for coffee and cakes.

This place is located at Blk 146, Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1090.

As you can see, there are so many cakes on the display and it is not easy for us to choose. Therefore I asked the staff for the signature cakes.

As a chocolate lover, I choose the one on the left which look a bit like an apple (MON CHERI) and my wifey chose the one on the right which look like a rectangular tube (BLANC). 

We also order a cup of long black to go along with it. 

MON CHERI taste exactly like chocolate! The exterior of the skin taste sweet and at the core of it (center part of the cake) is red and taste fruity sweet which the staff mentioned that its has a bit of alcohol flavour (I'll give a 4.8 out of 5 stars).

This BLANC cake taste sweet (definitely will be well-like by the ladies). It is a white chocolate mousse cake with mango and yuzu (probably worth a 4.5 out of 5 star rating). As you can see in the above picture, you might already guessed that the center part of it is the mango and yuzu while the outer layer is the white chocolate.

It was a cozy afternoon well-spent with coffee and cakes. Definitely we will go again but probably will try other cakes next time round.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coffee Stop at 473 Fernvale Street

It was the 2nd time we came here for the Zi Char. Probably because it was tasty?

Well, first time round when we came here, we ordered some food and prefer to sit outside under the moon. It was cooling and the food was nice.

Except for the Kang Kong, the rest of the dishes were totally different from what we ordered the first time round. We ordered curry leaves & spicy sauce clams (as shown in the above picture on the right hand side) which was different from the first time one which was cooked in superior broth.

The top middle dish was marmite sauce chicken which taste quite sweet (definitely good for those who has sweet tooth).

We also ordered curry fish meat (just add additional $3 if you choose fish meat instead of fish head) as the previous time we already tried assam fish head. Sorry for the above picture which was not nicely taken as we were quite hungry and forgot to take the picture before we tuck in.

The last dish that we ordered was superior pot. Inside the pot there were a mixture of dishes such as prawns, carrots, fish maw, sea cucumber, mushrooms, clams etc.

The price was reasonable (depends on what you order and how many dishes). It cost around $70 - $110 for a table of 6 adults and 4 children.

For more information on the price of the dishes, feel free to take a look at the menu displayed below:

Have you ever tried the Zi Char here before? What's your opinion on the food here?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Great Food At 638 Veerasamy Road

This place is one of my friend, Richard favourite's food hangout place. It is located at Blk 638 Veerasamy road

This time round, we came together with his friend, Andrew as well as Andrew's dad (Richard and I address him as Uncle).

As usual, one of the favourite dish which Richard and myself ❤️ is frog's legs cooked with spicy sauce in a claypot. However, Andrew does not like frog's leg as he don't think that frog's legs taste a bit like chicken meat.

He mentioned that he could taste the difference between them when I challenged him that if we were to debone the frog's legs and fried it, he wouldn't be able to tell the difference.


From the same stall not only we ordered frog's legs, we also ordered pork's liver and fried eggs mixed with prawns.

For the pork livers, I only get to taste the sauce (which I poured it into my rice) as personally I don't like to eat internal organs especially pork's liver.

As for the fried eggs mixed with prawn, it taste nice especially when you dip it into some chilli sauce (ultimately I'm a spice boy which some of you might know as I really ❤️ spicy stuffs)

We also ordered minced pork porridge that comes along with egg for Andrew and minced pork porridge with preserved egg for his dad. 

As I'm not really a porridge person, I didn't get to try the porridge. However, Uncle did mentioned that the porridge was tasty. Maybe I should try it next time round? Especially if its on a raining day, I would ❤️ to have something hot on a cool weather!

Lastly, while waiting for the "main course" to come, we ordered some finger food (fried chicken wings!!!) from the stall as shown in the picture above the chicken wings.

We ordered 3 chicken wings which cost only $3.60 (one for $1.20).

Not only its cheaper than the IKEA's one, but definitely tastier too.

And of course, remember to go along with the chilli sauce!

While eating, not only we talked about Grabbing and Ubering in Singapore as well as how these disruptors affect other countries. We also talked about real estate investments etc.

It was really a great nice afternoon makan session!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Star-less" Chicken Rice

Yes, just right after eating the one star Michelin chicken rice yesterday, I decided to go nearby and try another chicken rice which is "star-less". This place is located at Trivex, along 8 Burn Road.

As usual, most of the time I will avoid the lunch crowd hence I was there at around 1120am. This stall is known as Mei Jin Kee. I ordered the hind side of soya sauce chicken (鸡尾) and roasted chicken drumstick (鸡腿) together with 2 plates of rice which total cost is $9.

Out of curiosity, I asked the stall lady, "have you ever tried the Michelin chicken rice?"

"Aiya, most people nowadays just go for brand. We have customers who tried it and tell us the taste is so-so only." replied the stall lady.

After a while, my food is ready. As I was a bit hungry. I finished the food within 10-15 minutes. 

If you were to ask me to compare this chicken rice and the one star Michelin chicken rice, I would simply say that each has it own style and everyone's taste might be different too.

What about you? Do you think the one-star Michelin chicken rice differ much from the others?

As for the vegans, not to worry there are also a vending machine selling salad and you also choose different types of sauce, peanuts etc. 

This machine also remind me of the Vendcafe in Sengkang which literally you can just order food from the machine without anyone tending to you. Cool right?

Try it and let me know how it goes for you!

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Taste of One-Michelin Starred Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken

I have always wanted to taste this $2 chicken rice by this hawker name, Chan Hon Meng. He is one of the first street hawker to be awarded Michelin one star in the guide's history. In fact, it had becomes the world's cheapest Michelin-Starred meal as it's chicken rice was only selling for $2 at Chinatown Food Complex.

As my dad used to be a hawker when he was still around, I had tasted all kinds of street hawker food and personally I feel that some hawker food are really much better than the restaurant one. Especially my dad's Char Kway Teow. Till now, I yet to taste any Char Kway Teow better than his!

This place is located at 18 Tai Seng (If you are driving, you can park for FREE during the above mentioned timing), the restaurant is usually super crowded during lunch time. However this time round as we there there around 10:55am (it opens at 11am), we were one of the first among the queue. Imagine people already start queuing even before it's open!

Therefore, after going for a toilet break I was looking at the menu thinking about what to eat for my early lunch.

Guess what I have chosen?

Yap! The famous $2 chicken rice. But it is selling for $3.80 in this restaurant.

But who cares? I do not want to queue for 2-3 hours just to have a taste of the $2 chicken rice!

I ordered a place of chicken rice and a cup of aloe vera jelly (a dessert for my after meal). The soya sauce chicken definitely taste nicer than most of the same one in the hawker out there. The chilli goes well with the chicken too. The sauce on the rice are also full of fragrant. Just that the rice taste bit soggy (maybe it's hong kong style?)

Aloe vera jelly which cost $2 wasn't really up to my expectation. Probably its not sweet enough and jelly was not soft enough.

Overall, I wouldn't mind to come back and try their food again. But, probably I will try their Char Siew Noodle which cost around $5.