Friday, November 24, 2017

Yong Tau Foo at Silat Ave

blk147 silat ave

Avoid the lunch crowd!

I was thinking of having early lunch as to avoid the lunch crowd at silat avenue. The reason is because every time during lunch time around 12 - 2pm, this place will be packed with people. Most probably they are all coming from Singapore General Hospital as it is very near to this place.

So what special about this place to bring in all the crowd? You may ask.......

Well, let's go inside and take a look:

yong tau foo at silat ave

When you walked into the "entrance" from the carpark (avoid the lunch crowd else you have no place to park!), you will see this signboard hang on the pillar.

Directly opposite the signboard, that is where the stall is situated as seen from below:

yong tau foo stall at silat avenue

When you walked inside, you get to see a lot of choices of dishes to choose from. After you walked inside the stall, it will be on your left side.

Feel free to pick up one of the bowls and tongs to start choosing you favourite dishes.

Once you have done that, proceed to the cashier and made payment. As simple as that! You can also choose the drink of your choice just right beside the place you choose your food too.

yong tau foo noodle at silat ave

As it was a very hot day, I choose to drink something that can "kill" my heatiness, which is the ginseng chrysanthemum tea.

It tastes nice! 

After a while, my food has arrived. I order mee hoon mee together with my dishes. These dishes are very crispy after they fried it. It was also very delicious if you ask them to go together with the chillies.

Definitely I will recommend you guys to try it and for me I will also come again.

But do always remember, avoid the lunch crowd. I don't want anyone of you to make a wasted trip here!

how much it cost to eat a plate of yong tau foo at silat ave

So how much is the overall damage?

Well, take a look at my receipt, It only cost you $6.20 including the drink!!!